Ed Kashi (and a few other things..)

Firstly, a big congratulations to Ikuru Kuwajima who won the Fujifilm Distinction Awards last night.  A good night was had by all and the free booze certainly helped me sleep on the way back up to Scotland!

Next point of call is the Loch Sloy hydro scheme but before the shooting starts and I fall back into the depths of signaless Scotland, a quick flag up to the London based amongst you…

Next weekend sees 2 exciting diary dates – Curse of the Black Gold is coming to town.

Ed Kashi is a fantastic photojournalist and advocacy idol of mine. ‘Curse of the Black Gold‘ documents the consequences of half a century of oil exploration and production in the Niger Delta exposing the reality of oil’s impact and the absence of sustainable development.  The exhibition opens at HOST gallery on 8th March running til 3rd April… be sure to catch it.

For the eager beavers amongst you, filmmaker, Julie Winokur (Ed Kashi’s wife) will screen her short film Curse of the Black Gold as part of the Artivist Film Festival at The Shaw Theatre on Saturday 6th March. It’ll be a good ‘un.

~ by Toby Smith on February 26, 2010.

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