Madagascar – Illegal Deforestation of Bois de Rose

I am proud and excited to announce that the Madagascar project has been (finally) published in GEO Magazine across Europe. The 16 page article covers an extensive project I completed in 2009 uncovering Iogging activities and their international connections to Europe and the US. My personal goal as a photographer is to produce images that draw public attention to sustainable issues but working in partnership with The Environmental Investigation Agency was a notch up. Our evidence is being used by US Federal Agents in an ongoing prosecution of Gibson Guitars in Nashville. First reported HERE. Click the image below to view a selected 40 images from the story and stay tuned for further updates and insights into the story.

I have also uploaded an excerpt of the project’s written summary HERE for those wanting further information.

~ by Toby Smith on March 27, 2010.

One Response to “Madagascar – Illegal Deforestation of Bois de Rose”

  1. What an amazing and courageous piece of work! Thank you so much on behalf of anyone who loves this planet for taking the risks that a work like that involves.
    It is very inspiring.
    And congratulations for the results achieved so far.

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