Yes it’s f****** political..

With the election in full swing it’s impossible to avoid stereotypical media coverage of politicians on the campaign trail.. But.. Sky News are hosting the second Election Debate tonight and to promote the event I was commissioned to produce the following images inspired by Mount Rushmore.. Garish – yes, retouched – no. The images were sent on the Getty News Wire last night and we’re hoping for some good page coverage..

Going well so far, quick note of thanks to The Guardian, Mirror and Express for publishing the images today… unfortunately I was not credited in print… it is disappointing to see that us photographers don’t get the credit/recognition we all deserve when our work is published, and this is an all-too-frequent issue. In this instance the images were available to editorial client for free to publish as handouts, so at least being credited properly would have been appreciated.

~ by Toby Smith on April 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Yes it’s f****** political..”

  1. Absolutely Stunning!!!!!!

  2. I can’t tell you how glad I am that’s just a projection. Imagine having those faces up there permanently? Our own scary version of mount rushmore. Clever idea tho – thumbs up.

  3. Awesome work as always Toby, love the fact there are people in the foreground, gives a true sense of the scale

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