LOOKbetween Photography Festival

Back from LOOKbetween and NYC brimming with new ideas and energy.  A HUGE thanks to all the organisers and sponsors of the festival but also the photographers present. Mostly “emergent” it was so, so refreshing to spend time with other shooters with diverse projects and infinite commitment, not a moan in site. None of us have ever experienced huge editorial assignments or creative budgets but in the new photographic economy  new ideas, approaches can make it happen.  Buckets of American hospitality, incredible slideshows, Scotch Whisky, BBQ and a swimming lake didn’t hurt either!

~ by Toby Smith on June 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “LOOKbetween Photography Festival”

  1. great to meet you (again) at LOOKbetween! what an amazing weekend it was… hope to see you in perpignan!

  2. Scotch whiskey never tasted so good. ‘Twas nice meeting you, Toby. We missed you on our drive back up to dc. Next time. -Liz

    PS. there are some great power plants in West Virginia I know you’d appreciate. And, if you haven’t seen it yet, the one just south of Los Angeles, on the ocean. It’s a mini-world.

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