I am a contemporary reportage photographer specialising in landscape, architecture and unique lighting conditions. Since 2009 I have focussed on the subject matter of energy and sustainable issues and my output mixes contemporary and reportage approaches. This blog and gallery pages represents both my work in progress and also archives some of my previous personal projects.

With my seminal project “Light After Dark” I documented all 32-coal power stations of England. The images combined the industrial structures with the natural surrounds and forced a dialogue between the 2 elements. It has set the stage for what I hope will be a career in documenting and bringing sustainable issues to a larger audience through photography.

I now turn to the sustainable ‘alternatives’ starting with the Hydroelectric industry within the Scottish Highlands. To keep up to date with the progress of The Renewables Project you can subscribe to this blog for visual and news updates and follow my soundtrack to it all on twitter! on twitter.

To download a copy of my CV, click HERE.

Roof Unit

Roof Unit is a photography studio located on the top floor of a retired soap factory in East London. I created the studio up in 2006 with Chris Littlewood who is now Photography Curator at Flowers Gallery.  We both had a vision to create a homely but productive space for photography practice.  Nine photographers currently occupy desks in the main workspace and each resident photographer has his or her own unique style and direction. The studio acts as a friendly and supportive base where we all share a common goal of pushing the boundaries and quality of our practice.


One Response to “About”

  1. Hello Toby
    First of all I think that your work is fantastic although I am somewhat confused after looking at your pictures and seeing the amount of power being WASTED at all the power plants, also the amount of light polution given off by all of them, will this also be the kind of thing that the RURAL Renewables will be emitting? shame shame — I do not think this is setting a good example about promoting efficient use of power. I am an ex-pat now living in Northern Arizona where we have DARK SKY ordinances which gives us the opportunity to enjoy our skies at night also we are fortunate enough to live off the grid producing ALL our own power using solar and wind which teaches you how to be fiscaly respon sible and not waste any of our natural resourses. I wish you well with all your future projects —- and please turn the light out when you leave, Thanks in advance Michael

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