The Renewables Project

With its raging seas, wind-swept hills and high rainfall, Britain has more potential kinetic energy for capture than any other landscape in Europe.  Nowhere is this concentration of energy more intense than the rich Scottish landscape where renewable energy has been providing power from the glens for over 60 years.

Following on from my seminal project, Light After Dark, I now turn to to document the sustainable ‘alternatives’ available starting within the dramatic Scottish landscape.

This first phase of the project is kindly supported financially and with incredible access by Scottish Southern Energy (SSE).  We have worked closely together this year to choose appropriate sites for the project based on aesthetic, cultural and historical significance.

I now hope to continue expanding this portfolio, in partnership with other industry experts, to raise awareness of sustainable energy production and its emergent technologies across Britain and beyond.

The first 52 images have been released from the project, click on the images below to view a full gallery:



7 Responses to “The Renewables Project”

  1. Good to read of your project Renewables,it is a shame that Glendoe has been drained. I admire your determination with the extreme conditions this Winter,
    Regards Gary in Scotland

  2. This is Brilliant work!!. Truly Inspiring.. We should get you an Electrical Van

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  6. I saw your exhibit in Toronto a few months ago. Loved your images!

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